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Linking Up With A Japanese Proxy Server

Someone mentioned to me they had need of a Japan proxy server for some online business they were involved in. It started me thinking about the increasing use of these services. I’ve been using proxies and VPNs most of my life, it started off mainly configuring at work but now they are definitely becoming fairly mainstream technology. Sure many people have probably used them for years too without really noticing. If you can use the internet at work or college, it’s very likely being redirected through a proxy server of some sort in order to maintain, audit and control what comes in and out of the network.

But why do people increasingly need proxies and specifically a Japan proxy or a US proxy etc. Well the two most common reasons by far – are first to bypass network or ISP restrictions blocking people from specific sites. There’s a whole host of content filtering software on most networks and increasingly installed at a country or ISP level which blocks access to specific sites. Using a proxy server can bypass these restrictions in many situations. the product Identity Cloaker is particularly adept at bypassing these blocks in any situation even the advanced content filters such as Websense which easily defeat online proxy sites. Whether this is a priority for you often depends on where you live and work. Trying to access normal technology can be a real pain in locations like Quatar and Saudi Arabia which routinely block useful sites like Skype, Facebook and Youtube for their own particular reasons.

But in these situations any proxy will do and the location is not that important. But sometimes people want a proxy in a specific country, it’s where an IP address changer is so useful.

So Why Would Someone Want a Japan Proxy for Instance?

Well it might be that they wanted to access specific services or content in Japan whilst out of the country. Increasingly many companies are blocking access to different content when accessed outside the country. It may be for licensing issues, perhaps to restrict markets or offers to a specific area. It happens with just about all big TV and media companies for instance – they will all block access from outside their home territory. So if you wanted to watch Japan TV or radio then you’d likely need a Japan proxy server if you were somewhere else in the world.

Here’s what you’ll see if you connect through a Japanese proxy server for instance irrespective of where you are located.
Japan Proxy Server

Google uses similar technology to the companies who block based on location. So here Google has decided that we are based in Japan so it would be best to use the Japanese version of it’s search engine. Of course I am not really there but because I have access to a selection of Japanese proxies and VPNs I can access content there if I so wish.

But it’s not all about watching films or TV and shows online. Many people use proxies for marketing and in their online businesses. For instance I know some Australian businessmen who sell lots of stuff in Japan online but have to appear actually be there to post adverts, use Japanese websites and suchlike. Just like Ebay or Craiglist will block certain actions for non-residents, people who use the internet to sell or promote use networks of proxies to hide their real location.

These proxy services used to be very expensive but they have fallen rapidly in price as competition enters the market. Still too many companies try and charge fees for a single proxy or VPN in a specific country though. There are a couple who offer much more flexibility though – my favorite for price and sheer diversity of the servers that they have available is OverPlay, They have Japan proxy servers, more in Singapore, South America, USA, Canada, UK and loads of other places and your $10 subscription includes every single one of them.

Here’s the software in action – it actually make a VPN (Virtual private network connection) to each server simply by selecting the one from a list. This makes it easier to access US Media sites like Hulu, ABC which require a VPN connection to allow access.
Japan, USA, UK Servers

It’s a cracking investment I use it to access whatever country I require, I use it in my work online and for watching media sites like the BBC IPlayer, Pandora and Hulu for fun. Check them out especially if you need a hard to find proxy or VPN like Australia or Japan – try them out for a month I’m certain you’ll be amazed at the possibilities it opens up online and there’s no better value believe me I’ve searched – Private Proxy Network

If you have any recommendations on other Japanese VPN or Proxy providers I’d love to hear about them!

Japan - Good Luck Guys

Good Luck to all the Japanese People after their losses.

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