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Indian Proxy and VPN Launched

The guys at Overplay seem to be trying to get a proxy server in just about every country on the planet.  Their latest one is an Indian Proxy and VPN server housed in a datacentre in Maharashtra.  I think this will be one of their more popular servers for a very important reason – cricket !!!  Last year the IPL (Indian Premier League) broadcast their tournament on an official Youtube channel.  However most countries couldn’t get access to this channel, in fact you were only guaranteed access by watching from an Indian IP address.

Indian Proxy

Of course this wasn’t much help if you were a cricket fan living outside India.  In fact even if you were an Indian cricket fan but were connecting from the wrong place –  you’d get blocked.

I’m not sure what will happen with the IPL this year, the YouTube channel is still there where you can still watch some of the 2010.  Of course it will probably be on a few other channels as well.

I actually get lots of requests about where people can find an Indian Proxy and until now I didn’t really have a good suggestion for them – so I’m glad OverPlay have launched this extra service.

If you’ve never looked at them, the two reasons they stand out are really the sheer number of servers they have in different countries, plus that you get them all included in the standard subscription.  There are loads of companies which charge per country which I think is a complete rip off.

Indian Proxy Plus Loads More

The problem is that there is so much of this IP blocking going on, you encounter it around every corner – one minute you need to be from US, then the UK and later India.  Want the cricket fine, but next month it may be Wimbledon and you’ll be looking how can I watch UK TV abroad instead. To buy a separate subscription for each one would be ridiculous but fortunately Overplay just let you use any of their proxies in 40 different countries.

This Indian proxy will also attract many Bollywood and Indian TV fans I suspect, there are lots of dedicated media channels which are only accessible to Indian IP addresses.   Here’s Open VPN interface with some of the servers listed.

Indian VPN

You just click the server you need and then your real IP address will be obscured and the Overplay one used instead.

So you could watch a little of the IPL one minute, then click through to a US server and watch an episode of The Simpsons on Hulu before changing to a fast proxy server in the UK to watch the BBC news – excellent huh ?

It’s becoming an essential tool for anyone online and I’m just glad there’s a few companies like Overplay not trying to overcharge people with ridiculous pricing structures (Overplay starts from $4.95 per month for access to very server, with no bandwidth restrictions at all – try them out here )

In the end all these media companies will I hope switch to some global model so we don’t have to go through these lengths.  It’s creating a two tier internet society, although 10 bucks a month doesn’t sound expensive – it’s a lot of money in many countries of the world.  Until then applications like this are essential for those of us lucky enough to be able to pay for them.

If anyone knows any better IP cloaker  which include an Indian Proxy server or VPN then please let me know.

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