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Identity Cloaker Crack – No But Here’s An Identity Cloaker Coupon

OK further down the page you’ll find and Identity Cloaker Coupon, basically I get quite a lot of requests for cracks, serials and downloads for copies of my favorite security software Identity Cloaker. Ironically there has been a big upsurge in the use of these products, not particularly for the anonymity but because an IP cloaker is needed to bypass lots of geotargeting restrictions.

That is people want programs that can hide their IP address so that they can access stuff like BBC Iplayer, Hulu and Pandora no matter which country they’re in. One thing you instantly notice is that you can forget using free products for streaming video down – although for just audio like Pandora it’s probably ok.

Which brings me back to the title and these requests for a cracks for Identity Cloaker, I haven’t got one because it’s a subscription – it has to be every MB downloaded has a cost to it – they’re called bandwidth charges. So you either use advertising to recoup your costs and enter the security nightmare of something like AnchorFree or Hola which then riddles your computer with adware, spamware and goodness knows what or you have to pay for the service. Which is why you need an account to logon to these services, the software is free but access to servers can never be.

So please stop looking for cracks, serials or gens for any of the commercial VPN services because you won’t find any. But I appreciate everything in the world worth having now seems to cost a fortune as my children’s christmas lists are a horrifying example of.

So I’ve nagged the Identity Cloaker guys and they let me have an Identity Cloaker coupon thing that gives you 15% off .  It works on everything but the trial subscription (the ten day one).

Here’s the Code – 3E9E264B you just add it to the coupon section to get the discount – .

And just so everyone knows – it is a security product, the best available in my opinion. But it can be used to access all the media sites like BBC Iplayer, Hulu, NBC etc using either a proxy or the VPN function, although it’s not advertised on their site as they don’t wish to be the target of legal letters from those companies.

So if you’re feeling fed up on arriving at this page and not finding a free version I’m sorry.  But there is a purpose to the subscription, not only does it pay for the many servers across the world – it also allows the company to invest.

There is a new version which will be released soon which is the result of several years of development work – from a security side it introduces some amazing features but there’s more…….The new version of Identity Cloaker is speed optimized and will actually boost the speed of your internet connection for many people!

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