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Bypassing Internet Censorship

It sounds strange, I mean the need to bypass Internet censorship. I mean why should we all be treated so differently on the internet? Why are the people we trust to run our countries, governments and legal systems be allowed to control what we see, say or do on the internet.

Of course I’m not talking about the plainly illegal activities, we’d all be better off if all the countries could unite to catch and jail these people. No I’m talking about matters of opinion, freedom of speech and just plain social interaction with our fellow man. Isn’t that what the internet is about?

So is there a need to bypass internet censorship?

Well yes, I believe there is, take for example a country I spend lots of time in – Turkey. A wonderful country with warm and kind people, a place you can feel safe and where there is a tangible sense of democracy. A vast secular country, a republic created by an inspirational man called Kemal Ataturk. But Internet access is not following his secular ideals, or more to the point certain elements are using weaknesses in Turkeys Internet policies to censor content and websites.

For instance, you’ll find until recently that all of wordpress self hosted blogs have been banned and blocked in Turkey. It’s true a website which contains words and expressions from millions – all blocked because a few people disagreed with some content. Same goes for Youtube although I believe this might have changed since my last visit, Turkey had recently blocked access to the whole site.

Pretty bad, huh and turkey are rightly taking some flak from this ridiculous censorship from other democratic nations.

To be fair they are trying to change this – there is an interesting article here on some of the issues – Turkish Internet Censorship – the original article from Columbia University seems to have been removed.

The simple fact is that there are very real reasons why we should bypass internet censorship. No government has the right to block free speech and open political discussion at least if it wants to be though of as a democracy.

So if you won’t to learn how to bypass the censorship on the internet, please keep reading and I’ll explain some issues and methods where you can browse the internet freely.

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