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Netflix Unblocker – Battle of the VPNs

For many years there has been a sort of techno battle going on between the big multimedia giants like HBO, HULU, BBC and Netflix and the proxy/VPN providers.   Why? Well the answer is simple, most of these media companies deliver their content over  the internet but need to control where it can be accessed – sometimes due to copyright issues or simply as a profit maximisation technique.   Using a VPN service bypasses these blocks and allows access to any content irrespective of your location

Hence the battle with the media companies trying to block access from these services whenever they can mostly with limited success.   The problem is simply the scale, there are so many of these services being used any attempt to manually block IP ranges simply results in a temporary block as new addresses are reassigned.    The previous tactics were too simply manually identify IP address ranges being used by these services either through firewall and server logs, plus simply using them – which is why the bigger, more high profile VPN services got hit hardest at least initially.    It was fairly simple to switch addresses through the VPN servers though and it became a never ending game of catch up.

Until Netflix decided on another tactic, which although fairly simple has proved devastatingly effective.  What they’ve done is to block based on another classification of the IP addresses we all use – commercial or residential.  They have blocked any commercial IP address from accessing the service so blocking out virtually every VPN service.   Unfortunately for the VPN providers it’s not easy to switch to residential IP addresses as they are hard to source outside standard ISPs.  Although in this video – Netflix Blocks VPN you can see  that some have found a way.

The program in this video is called Identity Cloaker and it has updated it’s infrastructure to cope with these issues. What happens is that when the software detects a request for the Netflix website it then redirects to a server with a residential IP address. This means that these servers can be limited and the company can provide a residential VPN service but only when specifically required.   Most companies won’t be able to do this though, because these addresses are very difficult to obtain, one things for sure the days of using a proxy for Netflix are long gone!

It’s unclear whether other of the media giants will adopt hit approach, although it seems an effective way of enforcing region locking quite cheaply.  There are some problems in that many people have to use VPNs for security reasons, and also it will make accessing Netflix at work difficult as corporate networks will mostly be classified as commercial IP ranges.


Turkish Internet Censorship Laws

This informative article attempts to provide an account of online censorship in Turkey. The government is deciding what’s suitable for everybody to see online. In spite of this, there continue to be guarantors of Internet freedom. The web hasn’t been more threatened. For many in Turkey, needing to select a filtering option is only another type of censorship. These regulations usually do not impose any censorship in any respect on the Internet.

The online providers in Turkey are in a hard position. Internet providers within the country now are actually blocking the addresses used by the website, which makes it significantly harder to get round the restrictions, analysts have said. Very often in the usa, if a person violates censorship laws, they may be fined or thrown in prison. In lots of ways, the censorship laws of both of these countries are rather similar. The feasible consequences of the law are extremely disturbing. The present law needs to be abolished and also the government should begin from scratch in regards to controlling the net,’ he says.

In the online world there is just one way which people can figure your identity and that’s through your IP Address. Scattered reports indicate that internet access is, in addition, limited. Additionally, there isn’t any technical tool which guarantees hundred percent control online. As Egypt probably learned in 2011, tampering with the world wide web really isn’t the best method to create an economy within a Internet-dependent world. Unfortunately, we’re again faced with censorship within our nation.” The web has got the potential to be the maximum enabler of human expression, in addition, it has got the potential to be the maximum tool of the latest social control.”

Laws governing acceptable online use are rather new and not well refined. Regulation of internet content is essential in this sense. After a trial procedure, courts can choose to take out the content or block websites. This is not only about blocking access to specific varieties of content. Internet providers will then be required to utilize URL-based blocking of sites and also the users will never be able to access these by changing their DNS settings as has previously become the case. I’ve found users searching for on ways to get pass through such web censorship in Turkey.

In the modern world, censorship is among the most frequently used concepts in political and social science. Internet censorship is mainly practiced to defend the social order. The range of censorship is tough to appreciate for a number of reasons. It’s part of an even more general dilemma of creeping censorship. Well since I have discussed inside my prior articles about internet censorship. We’ll also acquire info about the ways some folks are working to fight censorship.

We are not able to deny the significance of the net for a tool for freedom of speech. This modus operandi is among the characteristics of net neutrality, among the key tenets of the Net. This sort of censorship isn’t as simple as blocking individual websites wth tiny audiences. Third, whilst the web is viewed as an international phenomenon, acts of censorship may appear parochial or nationalin a word, isolated. There’s also another implication for the social system that has personal overtones within the context of censorship. This then leads to a greater degree of struggle against the present trend and so, an elevated degree of internet censorship.


Speed – Choose a Turbo Charged VPN

I’ve been using a variety of VPNs and VPN client software for about 20 years now. In corporate land, the VPN has become ubiquitous with the rise of the internet and the portable device. In some companies you’ll find several VPN clients required for accessing corporate resources like document stores and email. I once worked for a company who had grown quickly by buying out a number of competitors quickly, some of the CEOs had five or six VPN connections (using different client software) in order to dial in to these respective companies. Merging technology and disparate networks is not an easy thing to achieve with any great speed.

The problem was that a VPN effectively takes over all your network connections, so it can cause lots of problems if loaded/unloaded from memory. Also whilst the VPN is active all the traffic will be routed down the connection unless the client software allows otherwise. So if I have a VPN connection active to a server in Australia and I try to connect to a European web site, my request is going to take a very long route, add your latency from the server and perhaps encryption and you have a distinct drop in speed.

Which is why one of the most important things to consider in using VPNs is speed. A fast VPN server is a joy to use with an almost negligible impact on your connection, however the opposite is true of a slow or badly configured VPN client or server. Here’s useful video which shows a demonstration of assessing a fast VPN connection – .

What you need to do is to check your internet connection speed normally and when routed through the VPN of your choice. There will be some level of degradation in speed of course, due to the extra hop your traffic will take and the encryption layer but realistically it shouldn’t be too high. If looking for a public service then the location of the VPN servers is of crucial importance, the very best ones will allow you access to servers distributed across the world. Remember however if you are using a VPN server to access geo-locked content then you won’t be able to choose the location you connect through.

That is if you’re trying to access the BBC or a UK TV station abroad like this method, then you’ll have to choose a VPN server in that specific country. Therefore a UK server for British services, a US VPN server for US based sites and so on. However in this case the overall speed of the VPN server becomes even more crucial especially if you’re connecting from a remote location. IF you are using the service to stream video like from BBC iPLayer it’s a useful option to be able to turn off the encryption layer which some client software will allow. If you’re not accessing sites using personal details and merely streaming media then encryption is not strictly necessary but remember to turn it back on before you check your webmail account or do home banking from a coffee shop!


That’s What I Call a Video

Cracking Video !!


A Sad Song

I love this song, it’s actually quite inspirational, this version was posted in tribute to a father who was murdered. Read the introduction, and listen to the song ,it’s very sad but at the same time beautiful.  My thoughts are with the family of Lance Del Goebel..


How to hack Australian Web Censorship

How to bypass the Australian censorship filter using a web proxy. I show you how to create your own AppEngine application using less than 100 lines of Python code and Google’s web servers. For more information, and sample code.